It has been The Barbershop’s policy to be deeply involved in the communities our shops have been located in. Whether it’s here in Mercer, Monmouth, or Ocean County, we make every attempt to partner with the neighborhood’s youth and school activities, along with many local fundraising efforts.

We’re proud to say that, over the years, we’ve placed ads now numbering in the hundreds for local youth sports activities including soccer, wrestling, football, baseball, and sports for all ages between grammar school and local colleges. We’ve also made donations or placed ads with local high school drama and marching band groups. In addition, we have fully sponsored a variety of sports teams over the decades.

We’ve donated to every charity drive we’ve been made aware of for community members who were injured or disabled. We have anonymously made our haircut services available, free of charge, to some needy seniors and families in local church Parishes that may have fallen on hard times.

We have done fundraising for drug-abuse intervention for local teens and made an outright gift to Washington Township Police of a $2500.00 kit to further the drug-awareness message.

The point of all of the above is that, while we obviously can’t donate to every cause, we’re glad to be able to do what we can for YOU, our neighbors. In addition, we’re genuinely proud that NONE of our promotions/donations have ever required customers to come to our shop for haircuts before we donate.

We do it simply because that’s what good neighbors do!